Serving Size

There are many serving sizes available, but the most popular size is generally referred to as the "PINT". 16 ounces, but the term “pint” refers more to the style of glass than the number of ounces.

If you’re worried about numbers, here are a few that may have more value.


IBUs: Bitter Isn’t Always Better

IBUs (International Bitterness Units). IBUs numerically represent how bitter a beer is supposed to be. The higher the IBU, the more bitter the beer. Lots of factors affect how you perceive bitterness in your beer, such as other ingredients in that beer. The IBU rating will not always paint a perfect picture, but keep in mind, IBU ratings are estimates and we would prefer you try the beer and judge for yourself.

ABV: Savor the Flavor

ABV seems to be an important number to know. A higher ABV often represents a greater level of flavor and complexity, it also means that the side effects of alcohol play a greater role. Many retailers recognize this by serving higher ABV beverages in smaller glasses. I am more than happy to be served a 12 percent ABV beer in a snifter (6-8 ounces). Often the quantity is not the draw in these beers. On the other end of the spectrum, low alcohol craft beers, often called session beers, have fallen into favor by U.S. craft beer fans. These beers should not be viewed as an excuse to over indulge, but rather they provide the full flavor experience craft beer fans are looking for without the amped-up ABV.