What kind of beer does The Beer Hall serve?

The Beer Hall serves a variety of the following Craft Beer Types -

Altbier  | Amber ale |  Barley wine  |  Berliner Weisse  |  Bitter  |  Bière de Garde  |  Blonde Ale  |  Bock  | Brown ale  |  California Common/Steam Beer  |  Cream Ale  |  Doppelbock  | Dortmunder Export  |  Dunkel  | Dunkelweizen  |  Eisbock  |  Flanders red ale  |  Golden/Summer ale  |  Gose  |  Gueuze  |  Hefeweizen  |  Helles  |  India pale ale  | Kölsch  | Lambic  |  Light ale |  Maibock/Helles bock  |  Malt liquor  |  Mild  |  Oktoberfestbier/Märzenbier  |  Old ale  | Oud bruin  | Pale ale  | Pilsener/Pilsner/Pils  | Porter  | Red ale  | Roggenbier  | Saison | Schwarzbier  | Scotch ale  | Stout  |  Weissbier  | Weizenbock | Witbier

Does The Beer Hall Serve other types of alcohol?

The Beer Hall serves a variety of the following alcohol -

Red and White Wine


Liquors and spirits


Can I purchase beer to go?

Yes.  We sell bottles and cans of our current stock to go.  We also fill crowlers of all beers and ciders currently on tap.   Please see our beer menu for our current selections.

What kind of food does The Beer Hall serve?

Gastro-Pub Esque -  specializing in high-quality food with a global influence.

Do you take reservations?

No.   We accept call aheads .  We reserve the right to cut off call ahead seating on nights of large events and live music.  Please call us at 585 347-4450  for call ahead seating.

We would love to host your special event.  Fill out the online form and our event coordinator will contact you to go over the details.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes and they can be purchased at The Beer Hall. Online gift certificates coming soon.

Where can guests park?

There is a large parking lot on the left of the building as well as in the back lot.  We have over 200 seats, please do not be misled by a full lot.

How many seats does the restaurant have?

The Beer Hall - 125

The Malt Room - 50

The Hops Room - 40

Outdoor Patio - 25

Do you have live music?

Occasionally The Beer Hall will have live events.  Please check our latest news page for the upcoming events.